Finance Is Fine!

Finance Is Fine!

How To Use A CD To Save For College

With the average cost of attendance for a public college hitting $26,590 for the 2019 school year, parents are searching for options to help them prepare for education-related expenses. One alternative that can be used to save for college is a certificate of deposit (CD).  A CD is a savings product that requires you to invest your money for a certain period of ti

3 Reasons To Seek Help From A Couple's Money Management Coach

Did you know that money is one of the top things that couples fight about? Did you also know that when couples cannot resolve money disputes, the issues could potentially lead them to divorce? If you are married and fight with your spouse over money, you should seek help. You can do so by hiring a couple's money management coach. A money management coach can help you

A Lack Of Cash Flow Will Affect Your Company's Productivity

Many people understand that productivity affects cash flow, but not nearly as many people remember that cash flow also affects productivity. When a business is strapped for cash, it often becomes harder for them to meet their production goals. Learn how a cash flow problem can hurt your business, and how to resolve this costly issue to improve the success of your comp

3 Tips To Prevent Tax Identity Theft

Nothing is worse than expecting a large tax refund only to learn that someone has already filed a tax return using your information. Unfortunately, tax identity theft is on the rise, making it essential for taxpayers to protect themselves. Thieves file your tax return early in the tax season before you have a chance to and have your tax refund deposited to their bank

5 Tax Deductions And Credits You Won't Want To Ignore

When it comes to tax season, things can get stressful fast. You may worry about how much money you will owe and whether you will remember to file in time. The one thing you don't want to do is forget to take advantage of tax deductions. This is a great way to lower your tax bill. Here are some tax deductions and credits that you won't want to ignore as you begin to th