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4 Questions You May Have About Bail Bond Services

Sitting behind bars after an arrest is an event you might want to get out of immediately, but how do you get released? The most straightforward answer to this is by paying the bail amount the court sets. Paying this amount doesn't release you from the pending criminal charges, but it will get you out of jail for the time being. If you can't afford to pay it, though, you could turn to a bail bond agency. Here are four questions you might have about these services, though, if you have never used them before.

What Can You Do If Your Bail Is Too High?

First off, if you believe that the bail amount the court set is too high, you could petition the court to reduce it. Keep in mind that this is a request you can make, and there is no guarantee the judge will agree to it. If he or she agrees with you, though, they may lower the amount to a price you could afford to pay.

What Are Bail Bond Services?

If the court won't budge, but you want a way out of jail, turn to a bail bond agent. Bail bond services provide a means for people to pay their bail costs without paying them in full. Bail bond agents charge a fee for the service, but the fee is low compared to the total price of the bail.

How Much Do They Cost?

The fee structure for bail bond agents is similar, no matter what agency you call. All agencies charge a percentage of the bail. The difference is the percentage they charge. Some may charge only 10% for the services, while others may charge more.

Will You Get a Refund of the Money You Pay a Bail Bond Agent?

One crucial thing to know about the required fees is that you will not get the money back. The fee you must pay is not refundable. This fee is the income a bail bond agent earns for providing you with a way out of jail. You could stand to lose more than the fee amount you paid, though. If you do not appear in the courthouse on your hearing day, the agent can force you to pay the full bail amount.

You should now have a better understanding of how bail bond services work. If you have questions or need to use these services, contact a bail bond agent today or visit websites that can teach you more about bail bonds.