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What Do Bail Professionals Do?

Even if you have posted bail before or co-signed for somebody who was in jail, you might not have a clear idea about exactly what a bail bonds professional does. This can be especially intimidating if you know that you need to bail a loved one out of jail but have never even spoken to a bail bond professional. This will clear up some of the confusion that tends to surround the roles of bail bonds professionals and bounty hunters.

What Does a Bail Bonds Professional Do? 

First, you need to know that the bonds professional is the person who gets people out of jail. The bonds person is the person who performs intake or actually goes to the court to provide the bail amount to the jail. They are the ones who decide that they will bail you or a loved one out.

Part of the job of a bail bonds pro is to assess the situation and determine if they believe you will make your court appearances and stick to the conditions of release.

What Does a Bounty Hunter Do?

After you are bonded out of jail by a professional, a bounty hunter or recovery agent can put you back in. If you receive bail, you must abide by your conditions of release. Your conditions could require you to do certain things, like abstain from alcohol or stay at home. Failure to abide by these conditions means your bail could be revoked. Your bail is also revoked if you fail to attend court. If this happens, the bounty hunter will look for you so they can turn you in and receive the bail money.

A bounty hunter has the power to track somebody down and arrest them. There is a lot of imagery surrounding bounty hunters on TV, but these people do not have the glamorous job it appears to be. Recovery agents spend a lot of time locating people who have skipped bail, and they also have to spend a lot of time ensuring they are in accordance with the law.

Should You Work With a Bail Company?

It is a good idea to work with a bail company if you need to post bail for yourself or a loved one. You have the option to pay cash, but if bail is set very high, turning to a professional is a good idea. You only have to put down a fraction of the bail amount, which can lessen the burden associated with getting arrested.