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3 Essential Things to Know About Selling Gold Jewelry

If you find yourself in need of a little extra cash, one of the best ways to get that cash is by selling items that you already have. If you have gold jewelry you don't use, it can be a great source of cash. Before you gather up your unused gold jewelry to sell, there are a few things you need to understand about the process.

#1: Schedule an Evaluation

Do not just show up to the jewelry store and expect the jewelry store to be available to evaluate your jewelry when you show up. An expert must be on hand to evaluate the jewelry, which is why it is best to call the jewelry store ahead of time so that there is someone there to evaluate your jewelry. This will save everyone time and establish expectations.

#2: Payment May Take Time

Next, do not expect to get paid the same day that you bring your jewelry in to get it evaluated. Oftentimes, it can take a while to evaluate your jewelry. If you have a lot of pieces, the evaluator may have to research the jewelry first. When evaluating your jewelry, a jeweler will evaluate the history and value of the piece of jewelry as a whole. Your jewelry may have more value than just the gold that it contains or not. That is why you want a jewelry expert to evaluate your jewelry.

Because it takes time to properly evaluate your jewelry, you may not get paid for the jewelry the same day you bring it in. The evaluator must determine the value, and the shop must decide if they want to purchase the jewelry for you.

#3: Cash Isn't Your Only Option

Third, it is important to realize that cash isn't the only option when you have gold jewelry you want to get rid of. You can also trade them in and apply the value to a new piece of jewelry. For example, if you want to purchase wedding bands or you want to purchase jewelry for a special occasion, you can have the value of the old jewelry applied to the balance for the jewelry you want. You can also have the jewelry converted into something new if you don't need the money nor do you want the jewelry

If you want to sell gold jewelry, call a jewelry shop that purchases gold and jewelry, and schedule an evaluation.